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Is your air conditioner ready for replacement? Are you interested in getting a different type of system for your home? Call the cooling experts at HomeTown air conditioning. We can work on a whole range of cooling systems including straight cools, heat pumps, and more/.


When the temperature and humidity outdoors become more intense, you'll have to rely on your air conditioning unit indoors. And if that air conditioning unit is not functioning correctly, the whole family or work staff suffers. Early maintenance can prevent these issues from happening. Also, this will prevent any issues that you had before from becoming into a worse and expensive problem. Extend the life of your air conditioning units and lower your utility bill by having a maintenance plan. Tune-ups every year or every spring can drastically help and helps with avoiding dust build-up which can cause your system to fail sooner and run harder than it should.


What factors goes into picking a specific contractor to provide air conditioning repair services? Is it punctuality, professionalism, or is it their prices? Here at HomeTown A/C, we do more than provide one of these great factors, we provide all of them! Our family owned business has two generations of experience in our hands, we are familiar with many different types of makes and models. We've seen many issues regarding refrigerants, electrical components and controls, oil motors, thermostats, filters, and condensers. Early maintenance can prevent many small problems from becoming more expensive issues later on. Avoid the long waits and higher prices that comes with the season's peak.


There's no doubt that a brand new air conditioner is a huge investment. But how do you know when is the time to replace what is currently controlling your place now? If it's running, doesn't that mean it's perfectly fine? Well, not quite. First of all, what you really need to focus on is getting regular maintenance from your local air conditioning and heating company. HomeTown can provide that type of service. However, if your AC unit is getting to about 10 to 15 years old, here are a few facts to consider:

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